The CP told the resident, a suspect in the murder of his son

A suspect in the murder of his son in the Astrakhan region Galina Morozova, left the party "Fair Russia" in 2019, when the party didn't endorse her candidacy for the nomination for the election of the Governor, told RIA Novosti the Deputy of regional Duma, a member of the Council of regional branch "Fair Russia" Khamzat Daudov.

"She was a member of the party... We did not support her initiative to run for Governor (in September 2019), and after that, she left, slamming the door," said Daudov, adding that the party saw no point in nominating Morozova with her awareness in the region. Thus, according to him, when she was a candidate to the regional Duma in 2016, "she in his constituency, heavily worked". "She had such pressure that the election is up to the President of Russia, in all this she wanted to participate," said the source.

With Morozova he was not very familiar. The last time he saw her at the debate, which took place in Astrakhan on Thursday between representatives of "Fair Russia" and the Communist party, the day before her arrest. "It's been three months (since the disappearance of the child). In view of that the child was lost or something happened that was not recognize," said Daudov.

Militiamen June 19, found the body of 12-year-old child, filled with concrete under the floor of the house that belongs to his older brother. According to investigators, the boy left home on March 4 and returned home in the morning the next day. During an argument the mother hit him with a dumbbell, and the baby died, says SK. While his family tried to confuse the investigation, reporting that they had seen him near the house, and also learned on the security cameras. The mother of the child arrested.

According to regional election Committee, Morozova twice, in 2016 and 2017, ran for the deputies of the regional Duma, and in 2019 - to the post of Governor of the Astrakhan region. Earlier also it was reported that at the end of 2017 Morozova as member of "Fair Russia" and the delegate of the regional branch of the party in the Astrakhan region, offered his candidacy for the presidential elections of 2018.