Friend said about the search for the son of astrahanka, a murder suspect

Activists of the Astrakhan region for two weeks around the clock looking for 12-year-old child, whose body the law enforcement officers later found in the concrete under the floor of the house, wrote the head of public organization "Large Active Mothers of Astrakhan" Galiullina Rimma in Facebook.

As previously reported, law enforcement officers June 19, found the body of 12-year-old child, filled with concrete under the floor of the house that belongs to his older brother. According to investigators, the boy left home on March 4 and returned home in the morning the next day. During an argument the mother hit him with a dumbbell, and the baby died, says SK. While his family tried to confuse the investigation, reporting that they had seen him near the house, and also learned on the security cameras. The mother of the child arrested. As reported by the source, it is known in the region politician Galina Morozova.

According to Galiullina with Morozova she was familiar. "I noticed that Morozova is a clinical desire to get to power. Walked away. Although people respected and wanted to maintain it," she wrote. After missing her baby, those who had closely communicated with her again rallied in search of.

"Night and day, in pursuit of similar boys, with leaflets of his photographs... We actually ran two weeks. Then get angry at the police, why aren't they moving?! Then the pandemic and all went about their business or sat in isolation. But occasionally I was asked whether or not Sasha? No. Not really already had someone interested. Because his mother is back in politics. It is not necessary, and we do not twitch," wrote Galiullina.

After reports of the investigation that the boy was found dead and suspected of murder arrested his mother, she "fell on the head of the boulder, who gave a headache and tantrum." "I was howling from a misunderstanding, as the mother is so cynical to cry to us and say thank you we help. And she hid the hands, smeared in baby blood!", - she added.