Terrorist attacks in Europe in 2017 – 2020

in reading (UK) was attacked a 25-year-old man on people with a knife. Attack declared a terrorist incident. Police confirmed the deaths in the incident, three people, three more were seriously injured. On suspicion in murder detained the man, who lives in reading.

in Hanau (Germany) in the Federal state of Hesse in the two hookah cafes 43-year-old German citizen, opened fire, killed nine people, there are wounded, including hard. The suspect was found dead in his house, there was discovered the body of his 72-year-old mother. It is assumed that the killings prompted his right-wing beliefs. The interior Ministry of Germany called the shooting in Hanau terrorist attack by a right-wing extremist.

unknown with a knife attacked passers-by in the area Stretham in South London. Two people were stabbed. The attacker was shot dead by armed officers, the incident was recognized as relevant to terrorism.

on London bridge armed with a knife man attacked people. Two people were killed, three were injured. The suspect was liquidated by the police. The assailant was living in Staffordshire 28-year-old Usman Khan, who was long known to law enforcement services. The responsibility was claimed by the terrorist group "Islamic state."*

in the second district of Lyon (France), near the place Bellecour, one of the attractions of the city, the explosion occurred. As a result, injured 13 people. According to the CCTV footage, the parcel left unknown who approached on the bike to булочнойl he was a native of Algeria 24-year-old Mohamed Mejdoub, who arrived in France in 2018, had a visa and lived illegally. At the hearing, the accused confirmed his relationship with the terrorist group "Islamic state."*

in the evening, the man opened fire near a Christmas fair in Strasbourg (France). As a result of shooting four people dead, injured more than 10 people. The mayor of Strasbourg called the incident in the city during the attack. The shooter escaped from the crime scene. He was a native of Strasbourg Sheriff Shecat known to law enforcement in connection with numerous violations of the law. 13 Dec in the evening law enforcement authorities in France have established the location of the shooter. During the RAID, he resisted and was eliminated.

in the suburbs of Paris in the commune of Trappes (France), an unidentified man with a knife attacked passers-by. During the RAID, the French police it was destroyed. In the attack two people were killed and another was seriously injured. Responsibility for the incident has taken the group "Islamic state".

in Catalonia (Spain) the man came to the police Department the municipality of Cornella-de-Llobregat (province of Barcelona) with a knife and began shouting "Allah Akbar!". The police tried to convince him to give up his weapons, but he didn't respond. In the result, the attacker, a native of Algeria, Abdelwahab Tayyib, who had a residence permit in Spain, was shot and killed. None of the police officers were not injured. The attack was qualified as a terrorist attack.

the Parliament of great Britain in London Ford Fiesta crashed into a guardrail, before, according to police, ran over to the passing pedestrians and cyclists. Two people were taken to hospital, later discharged. The driver, a British citizen of Sudanese origin Salih of Hater, was detained. Later he was charged with attempted murder. The crown prosecution service considers the incident as a terrorist attack.

in the Belgian city of Liege armed with a knife, the offender assaulted two female police officers then grabbed one of them a gun and opened fire. He then shot the passenger of a passing car, which was 22-the summer student of the pedagogical Institute. The attacker tried to escape on the territory of the Lyceum, where he threatened two women, but was eliminated rescue of reinforcement. According to media reports, the offender was released from prison and was known to law enforcement as a defendant in several criminal cases. Responsibility for attack was assumed by the terrorist group "Islamic state."*

in the second district of Paris (France) close to Paris Opera, a man with a knife attacked passers-by. In the attack one person was lost, four more have suffered. The police eliminated the attacker. Responsibility for attack was assumed by the terrorist group "Islamic state."*

in the Aude Department (France) has been a series of attacks. A native of Morocco Redouane Lakdim attacked the motorist who injured him and killed his passenger, took the car, and then fired at returning from a run a group of unarmed special forces. Then he came to the supermarket in the neighboring commune of Trèbes and seized the hostages. As a result of storm Lakdim was eliminated. All the victims of the attack were four people, another 15 were injured. Responsibility for series of attacks was assumed by the terrorist group "Islamic state."*

27 December in Saint-Petersburg in the supermarket "Crossroads" detonated an improvised explosive device Packed with striking elements. It has affected 18 people. Initially, on the fact of explosion criminal case on attempted murder of several persons, but on 31 December it was changed to an article about the attack. In charge of organization and execution of an improvised explosive device was arrested Dmitry Lukyanenko. By the middle of January 2018, all of the victims were discharged from hospitals.

at the metro station Parsons Green in West London (UK) during morning rush hour explosion, which injured 30 people. The improvised explosive device did not work in full force. A British court has pleaded guilty to the attempted terrorist attack originating from Iraq, Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Ali.

in Brussels (Belgium) Boulevard Emile One armed with machetes the man was rushed to the soldiers, shouting "Allah Akbar". One soldier received a slight wound in the face, the other hand. The patrol opened fire, then the assailant in a critical condition was taken to hospital where he died. Federal Prosecutor of Belgium has described the attack on a military patrol in the centre of Brussels as a terrorist attack.

the minivan drove into a crowd of people in the area of Las Ramblas in Barcelona (Spain). After a few hours the car drove into a group of people in Tarragona, 120 km from Barcelona. Killed 16 people, injured more than 130 people from 34 countries. The responsibility was claimed by the terrorist group "Islamic state."* The cell consisted of at least eleven people, six were destroyed by police, two were killed a few hours before the attacks in the explosion of a house in Alcanar, where terrorists were preparing bombs, three more arrested.

the car ran into a group of soldiers coming out of barracks in Levallois-Perret near Paris (France). Injured six people. The driver of the car fled the scene. A few hours later on the road between the towns of Boulogne-sur-Mer and Calais during a police RAID was stopped a motorist suspected of committing the attack. During his detention, he received five bullet wounds and was taken to the hospital. Also wounded one of the policemen. Authorities called the hitting machine for the military under the planned Paris attack.