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At Epiphany Cathedral lit the "Candle of memory" on the eve of Day of memory and grief

In the Metropolitan Epiphany Cathedral in elohove on Sunday, on the eve of Day of memory and grief, made a memorial service for the fallen in the Great Patriotic war, and lit a symbolic "Candle of memory", reported RIA Novosti cleric of Holy Epiphany Cathedral priest Victor Goldilocks.

"We gave tribute to those who died at the front and in the rear during the great Patriotic war. Made memorial service (it was headed by the rector of the Cathedral of the Bishop of Pavlovo-Posadskiy Thomas), lit a candle - she lit and others," said Goldilocks.

According to him, the action of lighting the candles appeared in the Cathedral elohovskom more than 10 years ago and adopted a national scale.

The action "Candle of memory" is held this year with restrictions the number of participants because of the epidemic of the coronavirus. Despite this, the memorials and monuments in the Russian regions is traditionally light candles and lamps in memory of the fallen in the great Patriotic war.

And on June 22 across the country will be simultaneously announced a nationwide moment of silence at 12: 15 Moscow time. This is the exact time of the broadcast appeal to the Soviet citizens about the attack of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union and the beginning of the great Patriotic war.