In the Federation Council responded to the words of the Ukrainian expert about the "shock" in Russia

Member of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich in an interview with "Moscow speaking" said that Ukraine has a working copy of their missiles, "Neptune", which according to Ukrainian expert Michael Jirkova able to reach Novorossiysk.

"They modernize old Soviet rockets from "Uragan" and "Smerch". The fact that the ballistic missiles they put servos, does not mean that they have turned a cruise missile," — said Klintsevich.

He noted that the missile, not knowing how seriously to maneuver and to respond to threats from the ground, can not be called winged. Also Klintsevich explained, if the rocket would fly, then it is necessary to pass the air defence of Russia.

"I don't see any danger in this because if only such a rocket start, we have emergency devices which determine the coordinates, we're literally in a few minutes we will defeat any purpose which has produced some shot," said the Senator.

He called statements Jirkova "demagoguery" that has nothing to do with the practice. However, according to Klintsevich, Ukraine has great scientific potential.

He noted that the rocket need to test it to fly and hit the target.

"But as soon as something in our side fly, then that is allowed, will cease to exist," concluded the Senator.

Earlier, the Ukrainian military expert Mikhail Zhirokhov said the new winged antiship missile P-360 Neptun "can reach" to the Russian ships in Novorossiysk when placed on the coast of the Azov sea.