Volodin appreciated the amendments to the Constitution

In the state Duma in the case of the amendments to the Constitution will be "more meaningful work", said the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

"Citizens will decide through their representatives – deputies in the State Duma, which should be the Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Prime Minister. The final decision will be for the State Duma... a Huge responsibility lies with the deputies, so the quality of the work must be more. And, of course, interaction with the government must be others... will be more meaningful work," said Volodin, the TV channel "Russia 24".

The head of the state Duma said that today members can shift responsibility to the Cabinet of Ministers "the government that made the decision or the Minister derelict", but if constitutional amendments are adopted, these conversations "will become irrelevant".

"With the Deputy, the voter will always ask: you have approved this Minister, so ask him. You approved the Vice-chair of the government - ask. The Prime Minister - ask... Conflicts, demagogy, the spectacle must go," said Volodin.

The head of the lower house of Parliament also noted the relevance contained in the amendments of the rules on the tightening of requirements to persons exercising public authority, stressing that the people who come to public service should not be dual citizenship.

"And here it turns out - he has a second nationality or residence permit. And that when taking this citizenship makes a man? Gives the oath of another state to defend another state. Or accounts kept abroad, or have shares of foreign companies. Look, if you are in the service of the state, you have here should be all... may Not be such that the person has two homelands, two passports," - said Volodin.