In Day of memory and grief, the Russians will create a "fire painting"

In Day of memory and mourning in the Russian regions will be held Patriotic events and installations, but the format will change because of the pandemic, one of the biggest is the traditional "Candle of memory", during which the inhabitants of all the constituent entities of the Russian Federation will light candles and lamps and create the "fire paintings" in memory of the fallen in the great Patriotic war.

The day of memory and grief is celebrated on June 22 - the anniversary of the great Patriotic war.

This year the night of June 22 will be held a traditional action "Candle of memory". The memorials and monuments in all Russian regions, the participants will light candles and lamps in memory of the fallen in the great Patriotic war.

The head of the movement "Victory Volunteers" Olga Emelchenkova said that this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of participants will be limited. But anyone can take part in the action online. In addition, this year will join the campaign not only regions, but also representation of "Volunteers" Victory abroad.

"Even in this difficult time, the duty of each of us to remember the victims of the great Patriotic war and Day of memory and grief to light memory candles in honor of their heroes... to Carry out the action in the settlements we will be in compliance with all security measures and the epidemiological situation: in the action will involve a limited number of people. However, each of us can light electronic candle of memory on the website of daniamet.of the Russian Federation", – quotes a press-service "Volunteers" Victory of Emelchenkova.

In the hero cities, the participants will create "pictures of war" - images of candles, each of which is associated with the region's contribution to the Victory.

Throughout the country June 22 will be simultaneously declared a nationwide minute of silence at 12 o'clock 15 minutes Moscow time. This is the exact time of the broadcast appeal to the Soviet citizens about the attack of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union and the beginning of the great Patriotic war.

In Moscow in the night from Sunday to Monday will pass the Patriotic action "Line memory" and "memory Watch. Eternal flame". In connection with the situation with coronavirus, the organizers had to adjust the format of the shares.

"Line memory" will be held at the Crimean embankment of the capital Sunday from 21.00 to 00.00 Monday. This year the action will take place without a theater and concert programs and audience participation. At the Crimean embankment in the Park of arts "Muzeon" will be created 1418 installations, each of which symbolizes one day of the great Patriotic war and is a podium with an inscription and mounted with a candle.

Keep the fire "Line memory" will be 50 volunteers. They will stand with lighted candles around the date of June 22, 1941, and to offer all who wish to light a candle, choose a date, memorable for their families, and place a candle on a stand.

At 04.00 sounds signals callsigns "Moscow speaking" and the documentary record of the announcement of Yuri Levitan about the beginning of the great Patriotic war, followed by a moment of silence.

To see the installation of 1418 candles will be up to 23.59 Monday.

At 03.00 Monday in the Alexander garden will start the action "Watch of memory. Eternal flame". It will be held in Moscow already in the 29 th time. The participants - young men and women from youth associations, public organizations and Patriotic clubs will honor the memory of those fallen for their country and lay flowers to the tomb of the Unknown soldier.

A whole variety of memorabilia will be held the Day of memory and sorrow in Russia. So, in Buryatia Republic and Tambov on Sunday will launch a historic public transport, which will be free to carry residents through the historic routes of the city. Inside the vehicles are plastered with photos of heroes of the great Patriotic war with a description of their stories. On the back will put QR-codes on which anyone can download and view historical materials about the war - photos, movies, music, chronicling the war years. Action organized by the youth movement "United Russia" - the Young Guard (MGER).

The next day, June 22, in the regions of the country, activists MHER will be distributed to residents of the thematic cards on the theme of the great Patriotic war. Also, the guard will offer to pedestrians and vehicle drivers to take part in the national minute of silence for this, you will need to mute all sounds (headphones, music, cars) and stay under broadcast the sound of the metronome.

In addition, on June 24 in the regions of Russia will be Amateur concerts and festive processions in honor of veterans and home front workers.

Relatives of dead war heroes in remembrance Day will be able solemnly to archival documents about their grandfathers and great-grandfathers. In the framework of the onf project and the search movement of Russia "the Fate of a soldier" was held to collect applications for finding information about participants of the great Patriotic war. At this point in the work are of the order of 15 thousand applications. June 22 those who have applied in the project will receive information about their relatives-veterans.

"In 2019 was organized 120 public reception, and we just one day got about 4 thousand applications. This year we collected an application form online and it is 15 thousand applications in a very short time. Now the task of all search engines, volunteers, activists of the popular front, which work on this project to try to answer all requests," - said RIA Novosti co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the popular front, Secretary of the Search movement of Russia Elena Zuyeva.