The incident reading is not associated with the Black Lives Matter rally

The incident in the Park, the English reading is not associated with the past before the city rally for the rights of black people Black Lives Matter, said the regional police.

On Saturday evening in a Park near the centre of the city the incident occurred in the course of which, according to messages of users of social networks, an unknown attacker with a knife at people. Official information about the incident is not provided, users of social networks are talking about three dead and several injured. The police were asked to refrain from speculation and promises to inform about the incident later.

"There is no evidence that this incident is associated with the Black Lives Matter event, which was held today in reading," wrote the police Department in the region of the valley of the river Thames in Twitter.

Earlier, police reported that the suspect arrested in the attack, emergency was injured a few people. The media said that the detainee is a native of Libya.

According to unconfirmed reports, the media, three people were killed in the attack, the investigation is examining whether the incident is linked to terrorism. The Royal hospital Berkshire stated that it took two wounded in the incident.

Local authorities have asked residents not to visit the city centre, the interior Minister of the country Priti Patel said that the incident concerned. Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed sympathy to the victims and thanked the police for quick response.

The cordon around the Park is retained at the place of work investigators.

In the city, located about 65 kilometers West of London, is home to about 350 thousand people. In Saturday's Reading, like many other cities in Britain, passed already become traditional procession in support of the rights of the black population. They all ended peacefully and without significant incidents.