Found a way to eat less

MOSCOW, 21 Feb - RIA Novosti. The transition from junk food to healthy food will help you eat less. This happens due to the restoration of taste buds, said in an interview with radio Sputnik, doctor of medical Sciences, author of "#Kettiya. There is fat you can!" Vasily Generalov.

For the amount eaten human food are responsible, amongst other things, and taste buds. They help you to get pleasure from food and affect the feeling of satiation. If the receptors cease to function properly, the person begins to eat more and more. The reason for this failure may be the quality of the food, explains Vasily Generalov.

To restore your taste buds might, but for this you have to give up foods that act like drugs, causing addiction to food.

"The less you eat convenience foods, fast food, the clearer will be your palate. Fortunately, the receptors tend to purification. Therefore, it is necessary to go for natural products based on meat, eggs, fish and green salads," explained the doctor.

The reward for the purification of receptors from junk food will be a totally new taste sensations from the usual dishes, said Vasily Generalov.

"You feel the usual tomato or cucumber can also be sweet. Before when you consumed a lot of confectionery, do you, as an addict, she increased the dose of carbohydrates and sensitivity of your receptors to sugar also fell. When you stopped eating sweet buds cleansed and you begin to feel the sugar even where it is not suspected that he is," - said the doctor of medical Sciences in an interview with radio Sputnik.