South Korean historian praised Putin's call to open the military archives

The opening of the archives on the history of the Second world war, proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, will allow to clarify many issues and can contribute to overcome some of the prejudices against the role of the USSR in the war, said historian, Professor of South Korean University Carmen Liu Han su.

Earlier, Putin wrote an article about the Second world war. The President, in particular, called on States to step up the publication of its archives and the publication of previously unknown documents about the war and the prewar period. He noted that Russia is ready for broad cooperation and joint research projects with the participation of historians.

"The obvious fact that the heroism and indomitable will shown by the Soviet Union during the Second world war, played a decisive role in the defeat of Nazi camps, with the onset of the cold war were ignored and distorted by the United States and led by a bloc of the capitalist countries of the West," - said RIA Novosti Liu Han su, specializing in modern Russian history.

"This situation was due to block thinking, involving hard ideological confrontation. But since the end of the cold war changed a whole generation. Any, even large events with time moving in the plane of history and need in a calm and objective historical assessment. However, evaluation of the significance and role of the Soviet Union in the Second world war it was not fully", - said the Professor.

On the question of Soviet participation in the war there are still amazing distortions and prejudices, I am sure the South Korean researcher. Therefore, the article of the Russian President with the requirement of an honest relationship to history has made it a substantial impression.

"What struck me most was the confidence with which President Putin says he is ready to confirm the validity of Russia's position in the debate around the extremely complex and intricate historical events and also what he gives to understand that it will not tolerate attempts to question the justice," - said the Professor.

The expert believes absolutely justified all the statements of the Russian President on the contribution of the red army and the Soviet people to the victory over fascism. However, the chaotic diplomatic efforts to establish a collective security system in Europe in the late 1930-ies, as well as the conclusion of the Soviet-German non-aggression Pact known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, are extremely complex and controversial topics. Therefore, Putin's call for all countries to disclose the appropriate secret archives of those years is extremely interesting for historians around the world, said Liu Han su.

"I honestly have some doubts that this will actually work, but the phrase "are Ready to cooperation, to joint research projects of historians" looks like a proposal to create a joint international research group. This is a very attractive initiative not to agree to that is impossible. And if it is indeed implemented, I would like the South Korean scientist to advise if it is possible to connect to the work of not only Russian and European as well as Western historians, but also historians of Asia, Latin America and Africa in order to achieve more objectivity and neutrality," said Liu Han su.

Important, in his opinion, is also Putin's call to maintain the basic principles of cooperation of the international community laid down in the joint struggle against the common enemy of humanity – fascism. Formed as a result of the Second world war, a strong Alliance of Nations United by a common desire for peace, didn't crack even during the cold war, so the words about the need to maintain it in the twenty-first century need to listen to all inhabitants of the planet, said the scientist.

"And it especially applies to the Korean Peninsula, China and other East Asian countries, which, along with the suffering of the Soviet Union caused by Nazi Germany, survived close to this experience because of the actions of Imperial Japan is inextricably linked with fascism", - said the Professor.