FSIN has denied the information about the outbreak COVID-19 in the Mordovian colony

Information about the outbreak of coronavirus infection in a correctional colony No. 7 in Mordovia is not true, there is not revealed any case of the disease, and seven prisoners self-inflicted superficial cuts to disrupt the work of the institution, said the management of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia in the Republic.

On Saturday, the Committee "Civil assistance", citing a source in the colony reported that prisoners IK-7 in Mordovia opened his veins due to the failure of the administration to treat them.

"Information about the outbreak COVID-19 in IK-7 UFSIN Rossii po Respublike Mordoviya is false. In correctional colony no. 7 to date, not identified any case of disease of novel coronavirus infection. Sanitary-epidemiological situation in the institution is stable and is under constant control", - stated in the message.

Also, as noted by FPS, not true information about 15 prisoners, who inflicted his injury allegedly in protest against the inaction of the administration of the institution.

"June 19, seven convicted of serious crimes, who were in the premises for notorious troublemakers punishment, in demonstrative-blackmailing the form of a self-inflicted superficial cuts of the forearm blades from disposable razors, disassembled. All the prisoners were immediately considered medical professionals, they were given necessary help. Danger to health and life, these cuts are not present", - notes the Agency.

These actions are condemned, according to the Federal penitentiary, made to destabilize the activities of the institution and provocation of the administration. Currently being tested the materials which will be sent to the investigating authorities.

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