Hebron was closed for quarantine

The authorities took the decision to close the city of Hebron and the surrounding area after the identification of 86 new cases of infection with coronavirus for a day in Palestine, said at a press conference, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohamed Stay.

"A day in Palestine identified 86 new cases of infection with coronavirus, in connection with which the decision on the closure of the city of Hebron," said Stay.

The Prime Minister of Palestine said that entry and exit in the city of Hebron and the surrounding area will be closed. Stage also announced the full closure of the city of Nablus for two days to explore the epidemiological situation.

"Prohibited conduct weddings, funerals, Proms, and all events and meetings in all the Palestinian provinces," added the Palestinian Prime Minister.

Stage also announced that in light of the current situation, the authorities have banned Palestinians from working in Israeli settlements in the West Bank and asked the Palestinians who work in Israel, do not return to the Palestinian territories, and to remain in Israel for the next 14 days.

"Violators of the quarantine will be prosecuted," warned Stay.

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