Zamurueva son in the concrete, the resident wanted to be Governor

The mother was found buried in concrete 12-year-old boy in Astrakhan in the past was a member of "Fair Russia" planned to run for the elections of the Governor of the region. About it on air of radio station "Moscow speaking" said the Chairman of the Council of the local branch of the party Oleg Shein.

The official radio station described her as a person, something that is "kept inside". Then these things suddenly appeared.

"It was not in the mode of some kind of spontaneous flash, as is the choleric. It was in the mode, when a person has something inside is going on in the head," he explained.

Shein did not judge the reasons of such behavior. He added that he was shocked at how the boy's mother acted after reports of his disappearance.

"She's this spring publicly through social networks told me that the child was gone, the boy, a great tragedy. We all, of course, very worried about it. Huge mass of people expressed their sympathy in the comments," — said the politician.

He added that he called to support it, in spite of the preceding argument.

Shein said that the woman left from "Fair Russia" last year after the failure of the party to support her nomination to the post of Governor of the region. This idea had occurred to her "for some unknown reason," he said. The reluctance of parties to support it could be a catalyst for further developments, suggested Shein.

"I think it served as a kind of trigger hook. There, the man was going on inside the head is a very difficult issue," he concluded.

Earlier the inhabitant of the Astrakhan region have detained on suspicion in murder of her 12-year-old son after the boy's body was found buried in concrete under the floor of a house owned by his older brother. The woman together with her husband reported him missing in early March of this year. Investigators believe the mother killed the child during a quarrel, striking a dumbbell.