The Russian Ambassador told about the reaction of the state Department on Putin's article

Russia's Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov said that the state Department was interested in the proposal of Moscow about the summit of the "nuclear five", which was outlined by President Vladimir Putin in his article dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second world war.

According to him, the Embassy has connected to replication of articles: she was sent to the state Department, the leading non-governmental organizations, embassies of the countries of Western Europe and the CIS.

"The publication generated considerable interest," said Antonov in an online interview.

"Many colleagues say, and yesterday I was talking to one of the leaders of the state Department that it takes time to read carefully, to ponder the thesis of the Russian President and see how you can use the suggested approaches in modern life. By the way, my interlocutors were particularly interested in explanations of Putin regarding the forthcoming summit of the permanent members of the Security Council", — the Ambassador added.

The diplomat noted that Russia has a lot of questions to the United States regarding their plans and steps to change the architecture of strategic security. He stressed that Moscow cannot be indifferent to the US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty, INF and open skies.

"Many talks here about the prospects of a recall by the Americans of their signatures under the Treaty on comprehensive ban of nuclear tests, the us military plans openly aimed at the containment of Russia and China," he added.

"We proposes the concept of rivalry of great powers. In fact, we are talking about the arms race. We would like to avoid such developments," — said Antonov.

The website of the Kremlin and "Russian newspaper" on Friday published an article by the President of Russia called "75 years of Victory: a shared responsibility before history and the future". In the publication, in particular, says that the summit "nuclear five" the UN security Council would be useful to discuss many important global issues and that other countries supported the initiative of Moscow about the meeting. Putin believes that such a meeting will help you find answers to modern challenges and threats.