It is inevitable: America learns about his terrible President

Unless there is some legal or administrative miracle, then June 23 on the shelves of American bookstores will be a hefty collection of choice (but not necessarily truthful) dirt on Donald trump. The fact that its source is personal to John Bolton, a former adviser to trump on national security and a very influential figure in the Washington political establishment already gives this the additional weight compromising, attracting the attention of the media and ordinary voters.

The presidential administration considered this book to the extent a serious problem that the U.S. Department of justice asked the court to ban (!) its sale and distribution, citing the interests of national security, but on Friday, the judge hearing the case, made it clear that, most likely, he can't deny. CNN gleefully reported from the courtroom: "the Horse, as we used to say in Texas, seem to have escaped from the stall, said judge Royce Lamberth of the District court of the district of Columbia during the hearing on Friday. — I, of course, difficult to know what can I do with these books across the country." Lambert has not made a decision on a nearly two-hour hearing and said he will wait and consider more information from the Ministry of justice before taking a decision. The book of Bolton will come out on Tuesday. It's possible that Lambert is not going to make a decision."

It is obvious that the book of Bolton is an element of the American election campaign and it should help Joe Biden to win the November elections. Bolton — the flesh of the part of the American establishment, which has only one purpose, one value and a sense of life — eternal war in which every country on the planet is faced with a choice: either to kneel before the US state Department, or become the next Libya or Iraq. Donald trump did say that if he'd listened to Bolton, the United States would be "in the sixth world war." Probably he strongly regrets that entered this supporter endless bloody mess all over the planet in his administration, thus attempting to appease the most uncompromising of the "Imperial" part of the American elite, for which there is no party affiliation, but only the dedication to maintaining American hegemony by force.

Because of the very specific style of communication and doing business, which is typical for the incumbent President of the United States, Bolton appeared just incredibly wide scope for the imagination in the sense that it is very hard to come up with so incredible an accusation against trump, to it nobody has believed. Too eccentric head of state behaves. And it greatly undermines the credibility of the attempts of the Ministry of justice and the President to stop the publication of the book, referring to the fact that there is another lie and that at the same time, its publication undermines national security. Part of the audience will be (perhaps rightly) assume that the President is simply afraid of the truth about yourself.

We must pay tribute to the organizers of this political action: they have provided judicial risks, and because some copies were pre-leaked to friendly media, which has published lists of the most "sharp of revelations" (or vivid imagination) Bolton. Here is a brief chart of "examples of practical tempismo" in foreign Affairs based on the materials The Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph and the canadian channel CBC.

Former national security adviser (and unofficial bureaucratic hierarchy of the United States this position is comparable in influence with senior diplomatic and military officials) claims that Donald trump considered the idea of military intervention in Venezuela "cool", and this assessment was based on the specific notion that in fact the US have the right of ownership to Venezuela. Retellings of media it is difficult to understand what is the claim of Bolton, who have not met a single idea of military intervention of the United States, which he did not like, and you can reasonably assume that the claim is that the President, for whatever reasons, refused this "cool" ideas.

In the list of "incriminating" allegations against trump's special place is his relationship with other world leaders, and in this matter it is difficult to say that the alleged "compromising" contains something amazing. Evaluation of Bolton, the trump truly hates and despises many of its international partners, including canadian Prime Minister Trudeau's and French President Makron. And about the French leader he had particularly negative opinions — to the extent that trump supposedly has compared Him with a kind of "Midas in reverse", saying that "everything it touches him turns to shit".

Evaluation of Bolton, the only two world leader with respect to which trump felt some respect and intimacy is the Prime Minister of great Britain Johnson (whom the British press sometimes likes to compare with trump due to a certain similarity of character and style) and Japanese Prime Minister Abe (which the international press has sometimes been charged that he consistently flatters American leader).

But the most important "revelation" of the former cardinal shadow of the American military-diplomatic system is linked to China. However, it is safe to say that it is false, because all does not fit with the real actions of Donald trump. Bolton claims that trump actually asked the Chinese President Jinping to help to win elections.

"According to Bolton, Mr. trump asked the President of China, XI Jinping, asking for help to win the election in 2020, buying more products from American farmers, according to excerpts published Wednesday by the American media. At the meeting with XI in June last year, Mr. trump "miraculously turned the conversation to the US presidential election, citing the economic opportunities of China to affect the current (election) campaign, begging si to ensure his victory," writes Bolton, according to the fragment published by news agencies in the USA. Mr. trump allegedly stressed the importance of American farmers and that "the increase in China's purchases of soybeans and wheat," can affect the results of presidential elections in America in November" (quoted by The Telegraph).

Our prediction made before the American information field exploded "bomb", founded by John Bolton, were fully justified. We wrote: "the Internal enemies of Donald trump preparing a trap for him in case of his victory in the November presidential elections: instead of accusations of treason and cooperation with the Kremlin, that is, the hackneyed and deeply discredited the "Regata", he may prepare a new charge, this time associated with China."

Even if the incumbent President can win the November elections, most likely, he will again impeachment and another (legal or not) attempts at dismissal, probably with the use of technologies of "color revolutions", and this time it will be blamed for Beijing. The fact that this scheme might work and part of the American audience will believe it, and the expert and media community have already agreed to this crazy theory to promote, said about the total degradation of our overseas partners, who have lost not only common sense, but the ideas about minimum dignity. Regardless of the result of these efforts, the trend to search for in the White house, the Russian, the Chinese spies will further erode global respect for the United States. And when a hegemon begins (sometimes contemptuously) to laugh, and hegemony to live is not very long.