Iraqi analyst commented on the article Putin about the Second world war

Article of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the Second world war is a kind of road map to develop responses to the challenges facing the international community in the field of international relations and in the sphere of economy and security, told RIA Novosti the Iraqi analyst and columnist, PhD Falah Ismail Hakim.

The website of the Kremlin and "Russian newspaper" published an article on Friday, the Russian President called "75 years of Victory: a shared responsibility before history and the future". Putin in the article in particular, called irresponsible calls to abolish the right of veto of the permanent members of the UN security Council. The Russian leader also wrote that the UN system is experiencing some difficulties in the work and not as effective, but performs its main functions - the prevention of wars and global conflicts.

"Russia in the person of President Putin sends an important message to the world containing not only accurate and adequately reflects the reality of an analysis of developments in the international arena. We can say that the article is a kind of clear "roadmap" for exit from existing difficulties and to develop appropriate solutions to various problems faced by the world community," said Iraqi analyst.

According to him, the situation in the international arena at the present stage, reminiscent of the cold war period. "It is no exaggeration to say that international relations are undergoing a period of decline, resembling the stage of the cold war," he said. This is evidenced by "active attempts to create an atmosphere for a new arms race, fuel conflict and create new hotbeds of tension instead of allow existing and seek ways of resolving international and regional conflicts".

Against this background, particularly relevant sounds presented in the article the idea to hold the summit of the "nuclear five" the UN security Council for discussion of important global issues, said the analyst.

"Putin, in a timely manner focused on the ability of the summit Russia, USA, China, France and Britain to play an important role in finding common solutions to current challenges and threats, Recalling acting in the international arena forces of their responsibility and the need to comply with the spirit of cooperation and to adhere to humanistic values," he said.

Among those challenges, the important place occupied by the economic consequences of a pandemic of coronavirus, said the analyst. In this regard, one of the important issues raised in the article, is "a protest against the transformation of the economy into a means of pressure... and the call to work together how to combat the coronavirus, and in ensuring global and regional security, control of strategic weapons and to combat terrorism and extremism".

"All of these tasks require collaboration of all the world's players, and stressed the President," said Hakim, putting on the particular relevance of solving these problems in the middle East.

With regard to expressed in the article, critics of the ideas about limiting the powers of the permanent members of the UN security Council and the deprivation of their right of veto, the analyst recalled "the great role played by the Soviet Union, and now Russia in support of the peoples, especially the peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America and the Middle East." Use veto "played a major role in the protection of the rights of the States of these continents and regions, their sovereignty and independence," he added.

In this regard, an important feature is contained in the article call for flexibility and a policy of mutual agreements, based on which the UN was created, the analyst said.