Peskov praised the level of Russian-Polish relations

Relations between Russia and Poland were at a "lower" level, which is contrary to the interests of the peoples of both countries and regrets Russia, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

"Our relationship today with Poland is not just poor, they're bad and they probably are on the lowest possible level, which is clearly contrary to the interests of our two countries because the peoples of our two countries would be interested in selling," said Sands in the air of the First channel.

According to him, the peoples of the two countries do not want hostility, and Russia never engaged in its Plenum.

"Poland, citing a threat, which stems from the East, that is from our country, trying to continue to draw on its territory the military infrastructure of NATO, flirting with Washington, trying to convince Washington of the need for more and more support. Poland pays disciplined, despite how all the existing economic difficulties, its contribution to the NATO budget, also at the insistence of Washington. Poland is really directly opposed the "Nord stream-2", and is trying to emulate, say, the behavior is the same Washington that is nothing more than a manifestation of unfair competition", - said Peskov.

He stated that Russia regrets the confrontational attitudes on the part of Warsaw.

"We regret in this regard and, in this case, whether it is some consequences of our shared history with Poland or not is hard to say. It, probably, it is necessary to analyze scientists and historians. We only proceed from reality, and the reality is that the interests dictate cooperation, the interests dictate mutual dialogue, mutual benefit in relations," said Peskov.