In the Kuban during the day, died three cases of coronavirus

During the day, the number of deaths among cases of coronavirus in the Kuban region reached 60 , died three men in Sochi, Labinsk, reports the operational headquarters of the Krasnodar territory.

It is noted that Krasnodar region has been steadily decreasing the number of cases of coronavirus. So, in days identified COVID-19 60 people, including six children aged 1 to 15 years. Recorded deaths.

"Only in Krasnodar Krai died 60 infected with a coronavirus. Two men died in infectious hospital №2 of Sochi, one in Labinskiy CRB", - stated in the message.

It is noted that the 63-year-old resident of Sochi became ill and was in hospital for two weeks, including last week on a ventilator. He confirmed a severe form of coronavirus infection. The man was suffering from cardiovascular disease, gallstone disease. Another resident of Sochi 82 years with coronavirus and pneumonia were connected to a ventilator for three weeks. He had heart disease and diabetes.

"Seventy-five years old man living in Labinsk, has also sharply ill and died a week after being hospitalized in the Central regional hospital. The patient had concomitant diseases of the heart and kidneys", - stated in the message.

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