The Prime Minister of Spain considers that the quarantine has helped to save about 450 thousand lives

About 450 thousand of lives were saved in Spain thanks to the introduction of quarantine in the epidemic COVID-19, said the country's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

"Due to high alert, we were able to save thousands of lives in the country. According to independent research, 450 thousand of lives were saved in our country and more than three million lives in the European continent due to quarantine measures that we have implemented in European countries", - said the Prime Minister in his address to the nation.

Sunday, June 21, in Spain ends on high alert, entered March 14.

Spain is one of the most affected countries by the epidemic COVID-19: victims of coronavirus steel 28,3 thousand people. According to official data of the Ministry of health in the country since the epidemic began there were more than 245 thousand cases COVID-19. However, by the Department of health study on the basis of antibody tests suggests that the real number of those who have suffered the disease, is 2.3 million people, or about 5% of the population.

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