Over Kolomna unfurled the flag of Victory with an area of 375 square meters

The largest in the history of the flag of Victory ever pulled the parachute unfolded in the skies over Kolomna, the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the event.

"A series of unique demonstration skydiving, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, organized the technodynamics. In the skies over the Moscow region, the paratroopers launched the largest in the history of the Banner of Victory - with an area of 375 square meters and a 600-metre Russian tricolor" - told RIA Novosti in the press service of the holding.

The landing was performed from a height of 2200 meters by parachute type "wing" developed "Technoceramica". "These parachutes intended for dropping from planes and helicopters, people with large loads. Each dome is able to safely deliver to the ground a parachutist with the cargo container or a tandem passenger," - said in the holding.

As the General Director of holding "Technoceramica" Igor Nasenkov, in the war years began to flourish parachute industry, a number of enterprises included in the technodynamics, already made parachutes for the red Army. "Parachutes PD-41 PD-42 was blow in Ivanovo and Solnechnogorsk. I want to wish all the veterans, home front workers strong health and longevity, and to all the people of our country a peaceful sky over your head," - said Nasenkov.

In addition to the banner of Victory (area 15х25м) and the flag of the Russian Federation (20х30м), the skydivers unfurled in the sky the flags of the state Corporation "rostec" and included in her technodynamics (8х12м).

Advisor to the General Director "Technoceramica" by the parachute, the parachutist test-Sergei Khursevich, in turn, has informed that few skydivers in the world are jumping with flags of similar size. "Unique makes a jump and the weight of the flags. So, flag of Russia, together with the load and fastening system weighs more than 120 pounds. And that's not counting the special parachute system is worn by the athlete. The weight of the banner of Victory with all the necessary equipment - more than 110 kilograms," he explained.