Named as a factor that increase the risk of death from cancer by 82%

A sedentary lifestyle greatly increases the risk of death from cancer, found researchers from the University of Texas. It is reported by MedicalXpress.

Within five years, experts followed the level of physical activity over eight thousand people over the age of 45. None of them have not had cancer in the beginning of the experiment. From 2009 to 2013, including 268 died of cancer.

The volunteers with the lowest levels of physical activity, the risk of death from malignant tumors was 82% higher compared to participants with the most mobile way of life.

"This is the first study which clearly indicates a direct link between physical inactivity and death from cancer," said lead author Susan Gilchrist.

She added that the longer a person leads a sedentary lifestyle before the appearance of malignant tumors, the more likely subsequent death.

As researchers found, if instead of sitting away at least 30 minutes a day to devote moderate physical activity, such as Cycling, the risk of death from cancer would decrease by 31 percent. For lighter loads, such as walking, the figure will decrease by eight percent.

"I tell my patients to think about what work you can stand five minutes every hour or climb the stairs instead of the Elevator. It seems that quite a bit, however, this study shows that even mild activity increases the odds of surviving cancer," stressed Gilchrist.