In Madrid was held a rally of memory of victims during the epidemic COVID-19 physicians

The action of physicians in memory of those killed during the epidemic COVID-19 colleagues and demanding the authorities to improve labor conditions took place in Madrid.

Several hundred physicians gathered in front of the government building of the community of Madrid in Puerta del Sol that, as stated by the initiator of the action, the Union AMYTS doctors, "to defend the rights of medical workers".

The participants observed a minute of silence in memory of their colleagues who died from COVID-19. They read the names of seventeen physicians who are victims of the epidemic in the capital region. Only in Spain in recent months from the coronavirus has killed more than 60 doctors, nurses, nurses. More than 50 thousand employees of hospitals and social institutions has been infected. In the first phase of the epidemic, nurses have experienced an acute shortage of sanitary material to ensure their own safety. In many cases, doctors work without adequate protection. Often masks, shields, robes had to be done manually improvised. So, doctors in many hospitals were sewn gowns made of garbage bags and not diaper.

In the beginning of the action the doctors laid out on the cobblestones of the square, the heart of the black sheets of paper. In honor of the medics, the people of Spain during the epidemic every day at 20.00 was given a standing ovation. But this time, despite the fact that the organizers urged to come to the area not only physicians, but also all the residents of Madrid, it was almost exclusively men in white coats.

"We are gathered here to honor the memory of our colleagues who died during the epidemic, but also to re-pay attention to the issues that we require to solve for a long time - to improve public health and conditions of work. We protest for a long time and all the time talking about one and the same bad attitude towards the medical profession," said RIA Novosti, the General Secretary of AMYTS Julian Esquerra.

Minister of health Salvador Ilya this week promised that the government will increase spending on healthcare to 7% of GDP. But Julian Esquerra believes that such promises "made by many". "I want to see what these costs will actually be included in the state budget. In addition, the Autonomous community also have the opportunity to allocate funds for health care. So just promises we are not satisfied. We have heard for months was that we will provide sanitary materials of protection, as the improved structure of the work. And we all saw how it really is," said Esquerra.

"To us, qualified personnel, treated unfairly - about 40% of physicians do not have permanent contracts, we have some of the lowest wages in Europe, doctors have very big burden," he explained.

The protesters took off his white robes, beneath which were the black mourning clothes, and turned her back to the Royal house of the post office - the building, which houses the government of the community of Madrid to demonstrate against the lack of respect for their work from the city authorities.

Luis works in the Madrid clinic "October 12," resident ophthalmologist during the epidemic he helped work with patients with COVID-19 and he had coronavirus. Today, he was first involved in action to protect the rights of physicians. "I came today to Express dissatisfaction with the authorities in the first place, as they tried to resolve the situation during a pandemic. Materials, tools lacked before, and the epidemic has revealed even more all these problems. Now there is an opportunity to draw attention to the subject of the society", - said the young man. According to him, the basic salary of a resident (residents), and in Spain there are still about 8 thousand residents, about 900 euros with the taxes plus payment for hours of duty. Residents of hospitals demand higher salaries (in different Autonomous communities, they are different), they are also unhappy with the large overload of work and schedule of hours that they have to "otdiraet".

Next Tuesday, the health workers will hold a protest in front of the Ministry of health of Spain in connection with its decision to hold a competition for the allocation of places residents in hospitals among graduates of medical schools online, not in person. Contests must begin on 2 July. According to doctors, there is no reason to spend full allocation, given that on the 21st of June in the country are taken off high alert and is recovering movement in the country. Medical residents promise to begin July 13, the strike, if they fail to reach agreement with the authorities.

Protest of doctors demanding better working conditions are regularly held in recent weeks in different cities of Spain. In late April, even during the epidemic, was created by the Movement of physicians, United for their rights (MUD). It warns that in the coming months, the health system will collapse: because of the epidemic of the coronavirus hospitals could not accept many patients with other diseases and now there are a long lines for diagnosis, testing, and those who need help, can not wait.

In addition, MUD collects signatures under the letter addressed to the Minister asking him to reward all physicians who were victims of the epidemic COVID-19, civil order of health.

Spanish health workers became the laureates of this year's prize Princess of Asturias - the most prestigious in the country - in the nomination "Harmony".

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