Tianshan mountains stand: memories of terrorism in Xinjiang

The film tells about the fate of ordinary people, the heroes who fought the terrorists in Xinjiang, the witnesses of terrorist acts and those who survived them. These stories are designed to show Chinese and foreign audiences the enormous price that Xinjiang has paid for the maintenance of stability and security to uncover the truth about terrorist attacks in this region, and to let people know about the measures taken by China to eradicate extremism, countering terrorism and maintaining security and stability in the society.

The main idea of the documentary is to talk about the violence that took place in the West of China, to honor the memory of those who died, support those who survived in the fight against a dangerous ideology, brings death and despair.


Some criminal cases and frames presented to the public for the first time. The program contains images that may cause viewer discomfort and rejection. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR VIEWING BY CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18, AND PEOPLE WITH UNSTABLE MENTALITY!