Poll: bilateral relations of Russia and China have a solid Foundation

In Russia and China believe that bilateral relations have a solid and stable basis. These are the results to the recently published public opinion poll "Public opinion on China and Russia - 2020".

The survey was conducted from mid to late may, the mobile app "Russia-China: main" Media companies of China under the leadership of the Chinese-Russian Committee of friendship, peace and development.

The respondents of the two countries expressed clear support for the current situation and future development of Chinese-Russian relations. The basis of public opinion in relation to the sustainable development of Chinese-Russian relations of comprehensive strategic interaction and partnership in a new era remains strong.

The majority of respondents positively evaluate the position and the role of China and Russia in the international anti-cooperation. With regard to the issue of criticism from the United States antiviral activities in China, more than 90% of Chinese respondents and more than 2/3 of Russian respondents expressed their support to China.

The Russians and Chinese are optimistic about the development of the bilateral relations, believing that the impact of the epidemic COVID-19 on Sino-Russian relations not significantly. The tendency is to strengthen communication between young people of both countries.

The survey was held in 11 cities: Beijing, Guangzhou, Harbin, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk,Chita and Blagoveshchensk. He became a large-scale public opinion survey, which was conducted simultaneously in China and Russia. In processing survey data were used 3061 filled in the questionnaire, among them from China 1531 and 1530 – from the Russian Federation.