China has published the text of the draft law on national security in Hong Kong

Chinese authorities on Saturday released the details of the text of the draft law on national security in Hong Kong prepared by the standing Committee of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives (the main legislative body of China).

On Friday, the bill was submitted for consideration by the PC, the NPC, however, the results of which ended on Saturday in Beijing three-day meeting, the list of approved bills, he was not listed. According to sources, the newspaper South China Morning Post, the vote on final version of national security bill in Hong Kong may take place in the coming weeks, at the special meeting.

The bill, which is still in the proposal stage provoked a storm of criticism and discontent among anti-government forces in Hong Kong and some Western officials, consists of six chapters, which in turn are divided into articles 66. Chapters include General provisions, obligations and mechanisms for ensuring national security of Hong Kong, crime and punishment, determination of jurisdiction and order enforcement, has a Chapter on the establishment of the Central government of China on the maintenance of national security in Hong Kong, and additional provisions.

It is reported that the text of the bill clearly stipulates the basic obligations of the Central government of China on issues related to national security and the constitutional responsibility of Hong Kong for the maintenance of national security.

The bill set clear rules regarding the prevention, suppression and punishment committed in Hong Kong for four types of crimes, including separatist activities, attempts of Subversion of state power, terrorist activities, conspiracy with foreign States, or abroad, with the aim to compromise national security.

It is noted that after the text of the bill was prepared, the relevant departments specifically sought the views of the Hong Kong government, have carefully considered all the views expressed and the proposals take full account of the real situation in Hong Kong. The text of the bill has been revised and improved.