In the US, the demonstrators tore down two statues at the monument of the Confederation in the Role

Demonstrators in the U.S. Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina, at the second attempt tore down two statues installed near the Confederate monument in the center of the city, according to the TV station WTVD.

On Friday evening after the March on Juneteenth (the day of the liberation of the slaves - ed.), the demonstrators threw the rope on the statues around the monument of the Confederation. The first attempt to move the statue from the pedestal failed – intervened by the police. However, after the police withdrew, the protesters piled both monuments on the ground. One of them, the demonstrators subsequently hanged on a rope on a lamppost, the other placed on the courthouse steps. After the rain started, the protesters left the city center. Arrived at the scene, police removed the statue.

The Confederate monument was erected in 1895. It is located near the state Capitol building and is a pillar on top of which stands a sculpture of artillery of the Confederate army. At the foot of the column, according to the authors, housed two statues of infantryman and cavalryman.

Across the United States amid protests after the death of the African-American George Floyd from the hands of the police began a spontaneous demolition of the monuments of the southerners during the Civil war. It also touched upon the statues of the discoverer of America Christopher Columbus, whose left-wing activists accused of genocide of the indigenous population of America.

During the conflict the North and the South 1861-1865 on the basis of slavery the part of the state seceded from the United States and formed the Confederate States of America (CSA). The military conflict ended with the victory of the North and restoring the USA to its former borders. Were also freed slaves, but de facto the situation of African Americans remained unequal in many States until the 1960-ies.