Demand for flights to Crimea is restored

Demand for flights to Crimea is rapidly recovering, in June, the average ticket price has fallen by more than 40%, reported the press service of the Ministry of resorts of the Republic.

Conclusions are made on the basis of the online booking service.

"Demand for flights in the Crimea is rapidly recovering. The average cost of flights to Crimea in June significantly decreased in comparison with indicators of last year more than 40%", - stated in the message.

The geography of visitors, arriving by air, wide, but most other buy tickets to Simferopol Muscovites (55%) and residents of St. Petersburg (11%). The share of tourists with children, compared to the last year practically has not changed (2019 – 22,9%, 2020 – 22,2%), and the average time of stay in the Crimea has increased from 12 to 13 days.

Earlier, the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov said that from 15 June in the Crimea abolished the state of isolation of the population and mandatory health monitoring for people coming from other regions of the country. In addition, from 15 June in the Republic was opened all the cafes, restaurants and picnic areas, museums and amusement rides for kids outdoor, fitness clubs, swimming pools and Golf courses. Crimean hotels and resorts have begun to receive tourists, but only as long as the Crimean and Sevastopol registration. Tourists from other regions of the country are waiting for 1 July, but the possibility of booking leisure is open from 15 June.

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