The acting head of the Jewish Autonomous region, told about the prospects of the bridge under construction in China

Commissioning of the railway bridge Nizhneleninskoye-Tongjiang (PRC) across the Amur river, scheduled for the summer of 2021, will allow the Jewish Autonomous region become the most promising region in the far Eastern Federal district, said in an interview with RIA Novosti acting Governor of the region Rostislav Goldstein.

"Our neighbors - Asian dragons - build a new civilization and a new economy. And the JAR is actually in the centre of this global construction. We have 500 kilometers of the state border. In June of the following year, when the system enters a bridge Nizhneleninskoye-of Tuscan, EAO will be the most promising regions of DFO are not just for the transit of goods, and to create industrial parks and building value chains. We have the best logistics than others. I'm sure", the Agency said Goldstein.

He noted that the task of the regional government sees the revitalization processes in leading industries. People said the acting Governor, must see that again appear well-paying jobs. Then the region will be pulled. Settlements, he said, need to be developed to make comfortable for living and working.

"Investors should also see at least one or two really successful project. And then after them will come others. That is, the power needs not in words but in deeds, to defend the interests of the business. The rules should be very open. This is something that we are working," said Holstein.

According to him, the region also needs large-scale government investment in the protection of areas from floods of the Amur river. Because the area has excellent opportunities for agriculture. But while agribusiness remains largely a risky industry. Floods 2013 and 2019 has caused great damage to agriculture.

Nizhneleninskoe-Tongjiang is the first railway bridge between Russia and China. The bridge is designed to permit two ways to gauge Russian and Chinese standards. The Chinese side has completed the construction of its part of the bridge in October 2018 - China has started construction on 26 February 2014. The deadline of the bridge was moved.