In the burnt house near Saratov killed two people

A fire in the Saratov region on Saturday night destroyed a house, killing the landlady and her adult daughter reported to the regional Department of RF IC.

According to preliminary data, the family of three lived in a private house in the village of rozivka Krasnokutskiy district, on Friday evening the head of the family went to bed in the summer kitchen, and his 45-year-old wife and 23-year-old daughter stayed home.

"At about 2.30 (1.30 GMT) a man woke up to the smell of smoke. Ran into the street, he saw that the house was on fire. Due to the fact that the door of a household was locked from the inside, to quickly gain access to a dwelling he could not. The noise responded to the neighbors and called the fire service. Arriving firefighters localized fire. The structure of the house was completely burned, to rescue the women could not be", - stated in the message.

Investigators into the death of two people are checking. "According to preliminary version, the cause of the fire could be a short in the wiring", - stated in the message.