Media: US Navy refused to return to the position the captain, "Theodore Roosevelt"

The leadership of the U.S. Navy refused to reinstate the captain of an aircraft carrier "Theodore Roosevelt" Brett crozier, resigned after his letter about the outbreak of coronavirus on Board hit the media, according to CNBC, citing a statement by the representative of the joint chiefs of staff U.S. army Vice Admiral Michael Gilday.

As previously reported, the New York Times, citing high-ranking representatives of the U.S. Navy, the naval authorities have been advised to recover the crozier of office. The Secretary of defense Mark Esper then reported the recommendations of the Vice-Admiral Michael Gilday and acting Minister of the naval forces of James MacPherson.

"If I knew then what I know now, I would not have made this recommendation" - said on Friday the Pentagon Gilday, quoted by the TV channel.

He added that after this investigation it became clear that captain crozier is not acting in accordance with the standards which he expects from officers.

As recalled by a number of media, more than 1 thousand sailors on the aircraft carrier contracted COVID-19. Captain crozier dismissed after appeared in the media his letter to the leadership with a request to withdraw to the shore a big part of the team. Publicly criticized in harsh terms the actions of the captain acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly filed a report to the Minister of defence with the request for resignation, which was granted.