Bolton in his book spoke about the critical attitude of the trump to the Makron

The President of the United States Donald trump considers his closest friends of the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and the President of France Emmanuel Makron does not appreciate, considering that it spoils everything it touches, writes the Guardian referring to the book, former adviser to trump John Bolton.

The book "the Room where it happened: a memoir of the White house," to be published next week. However, the U.S. justice Department is trying to stop her exit. The administration claims that the book contains confidential information, and Bolton have not agreed the contents with the authorities. The publisher said that the book has been printed and dispersed, although not on sale, so to stop the publication de-facto impossible. On the eve of the hearing a number of publications published lengthy passages from the book that contain sharp criticism of trump.

"Bolton reveals that trump reckons Boris Johnson and Shinzo Abe to world leaders with whom he is closest, while everything it touches Emmanuel macron, "turns to shit", - writes the edition.

Relationships trump and Rules can not be called cloudless. They experienced different periods. So at a joint press conference in August last year, the two leaders exchanged a firm handshake and macron called trump a friend. But in December, macron said that "the NATO brain dead," referring to trump's leadership. Amen is said that such comments "offensive" and "monstrous." However, following a meeting in London, trump changed his temper justice with mercy, saying that macron wants the best for his country and "France needs NATO as a nobody."