The head of the EAO assessed the idea of unification with the Khabarovsk territory

Jewish Autonomous oblast may lose its national flavor in the case of an Association with the Khabarovsk territory, and such a merger is unlikely to give people comfort, which is worth thinking for such decisions, said in an interview with RIA Novosti acting Governor EAO Rostislav Goldstein.

As previously reported, on may 13 in Naryan-Mar the Memorandum of understanding by enterprises of the Arkhangelsk region and Nenets Autonomous district was signed by the heads of regions Alexander Tsybulsky and Yuri Bezdomny. It was assumed that the final decision about the merger of subjects of the Russian Federation will take residents in a referendum, the date of which is not defined. For the operational input to the regions established working groups. It was the occasion to discuss the possibility of uniting the Jewish Autonomous region and Khabarovsk territory, of which it was a member until 1993.

"You know, all the work power should be built for humans. Only his interests should be the basis of any decisions of the government. So first people should say what they want: to join or not," said Goldstein RIA Novosti, answering a question, he thinks about the discussion of the possible enterprises of Khabarovsk territory and EAO.

According to him, several months of work, he traveled all the districts and made sure that people need comfort. Well-paid job, comfortable accommodation. They expect qualitative changes in medicine, education, social protection, housing and communal services.

"In my opinion, people are, first and foremost, I want to live in comfort and in your field. And any Association is not the fact that will give this comfort, and even can kill the national highlight, which is in the JAR," said Goldstein.