Sberbank called doctors, frequently used remotely

The Russians, using remote medical consultations often turn to therapists, pediatricians and psychologists, told RIA Novosti press-service of the savings Bank, which reviewed the work of its medical service SmartDrive.

The top five popular physicians, albeit with a large margin, also included neurologists and dermatologists (3% of cases). And the small number of cases (1%) were from endocrinologists.

The peak of cases occurred in April and may - in these months the doctors performed 60% of the total number of consultations this year. The most common complaints were the symptoms of SARS and headaches have also added questions related to the coronavirus.

More than half of all applications this year were received from residents of Moscow and Moscow region. In second place is St. Petersburg (10% of cases). Followed by Krasnodar Krai, Sverdlovsk oblast and Bashkortostan.

"Telemedicine becomes a timely solution for everyone - for residents of large cities who find it difficult to find time to visit doctors, and for people from remote regions where it is difficult to find a specialist and quickly make an appointment", - said the Director of insurance IC "Sberbank life insurance" Zhanna Goncharova.