The handlers told us how to lose weight at exercise with a dog

The Russian cynological Federation (RKF) has prepared a list of exercises with a dog that will help owners lose weight after isolation, and shared it with RIA Novosti.

"Playing sports with the dog, besides the fact that you give her physical, emotional and mental stress, you still take care of yourself: these exercises will help you stay in great shape without the fitness clubs," - said the Agency interlocutor.

Frisbee for dogs combines elements of games and acrobatics. The point is not only to pet and got thrown by the handler of the disk and has executed it effectively. "Playing Frisbee will help you stretch your muscles, increase endurance and accelerate the metabolism, and watching the flying disk will strengthen the eye muscles," - said in RKF.

They explained that there are several types of discipline.

First, throws for accuracy. For a certain period of time (generally 90 seconds), you need to make the greatest number of throws of the disc. Count only caught by dog plates.

Second, the shots on the range. The owner of the pet makes the throws for maximum distance, and the dog catches the disc. Points are awarded depending on the distance travelled by the disk (farther the better).

Thirdly, Frisbee-freestyle, when the pet with its owner needs for a certain period of time at a pre-selected music to perform the most spectacular stunts and beautiful, ending with catching the disk.

"The best way to practice and competitions in this sport suitable energetic, playful dog like a border collie, Aussie, sheltie and Jack Russell Terriers," explained in RKF.

Yoga with a dog differs from the usual fact that some exercises are done with dogs: animals with high body weight are used to support its owner, and small Pets can fulfill the role of weights for arms and legs.

Yoga is beneficial to animals, say the handlers. In the structure of the lessons there are exercises specifically designed for dogs. They will help to strengthen the muscles, ligaments and tendons, improve blood circulation and relieve the spine.

"You've always wanted to start running, but kept putting it off? The presence of a companion will make classes more enjoyable," say the handlers.

The discipline combines cross country running and race in dog sledding. In canicross, the owner and the pet have to be unified. The dog is fastened to the host using harnesses with a collar and belt, which attaches at the hips. The main task of a pet is not just to run around and pull the master: that she sets the pace and pulls a runner.

"It is best to conduct such training in the forest," - said in RKF.

Dances with dogs combine exercise obedience with spectacular movements and stunts that are performed a duet to the music.

Most in this sport are valued the originality of the program, coordination of actions during the execution of the dance and dog obedience. To participate in the dance can any dog regardless of breed or age, who have no problems with the musculoskeletal system, said the handlers.

When the master was tired, and pet is full of energy, you can do agility - dog sport of overcoming obstacles.

Challenge dogs to complete the track in minimum time without any error, the owner of the voice and gestural commands to direct the dog. Additional motivators in the form of toys, treats or touching is prohibited, warned in RKF.

During the competition the dog has no collar and the leash, the arrangement and the order of the obstacles changes every time. These classes are held outdoors at special sites, said the handlers.