Agronomist told whether to wash berries

Summer berries such as strawberries and raspberries, it is not necessary to wash. This can be done only for personal solace, said in an interview with radio Sputnik agronomist, plodonosit Elizaveta Tikhonova

We've learned that any vegetables and fruits should be washed thoroughly to remove with the fruit, dust and chemicals, which can process the plant. As explained Elizaveta Tikhonova, strawberries treated with a weak solution of antibiotics directly before transportation. So a variety of infections on the berries perish during the journey or at the time when you use them, told the scientist in an interview with radio Sputnik.

Strawberries can be washed in hot or warm water if she stood in the refrigerator to warm the berries.

"Strawberries treated with chemicals during the period when there is the formation of the berries. The very berry is treated with weak solutions of antibiotics, in case carry very far: for example, from Turkey to Russia to berries are not ill during transportation. But it's very weak solutions, nothing to fear. This is a good thing because we are processing not only from disease of the strawberry, but also from diseases that can be caused by the owner, who collected the wild strawberries", – says Elizaveta Tikhonova.

Raspberry generally is not subject to any treatment, said the agronomist.

"Raspberries are treated only in the period when there are no berries immediately after flowering. These treatments do not remain in the berries, they decompose. If you take the berry into jams, worry generally about. If you take a meal, simply rinse for your own peace, nothing more to do," he told radio Sputnik Elizaveta Tikhonova.