In Morocco, during the day, the number of cases COVID-19 has increased seven times

The number of new cases of infection with coronavirus in Morocco per day increased by seven times compared with the previous and was a record since the beginning of the pandemic - were 539 new cases, should be published by the Ministry of health of the country data.

According to Ministry of health on Friday evening, a day was fixed 539 new cases - a record since the beginning of the epidemic in the country. On Thursday evening, the Ministry had admitted only 77 new cases.

"457 new cases registered in the Metropolitan area of Rabat/Salé/Fes, symptoms they do not have", - quotes Agency the head of the MAP Department of infectious diseases hind al-Zayn. According to the Agency, those 457 people worked at the plant for the collection and packaging of fruit.

"New deaths from the disease is not fixed, so the total number who died has not changed and amounts to 213 people," said al-Zayn.

Only in the Kingdom since March 2, when authorities reported the first ill coronavirus, was 9613 cases COVID-19, recovered 8117 people.

In Morocco produced more than 496 thousand of tests for coronavirus.

Moroccan authorities had previously taken a decision to extend until July 10, the sanitary regime of a state of emergency to combat the epidemic.

The government has also given the interior Minister powers that mitigate introduced as part of emergency restrictions in areas of the country where the epidemiological situation will improve.

Under the regime of a state of emergency, introduced on 20 March, the authorities can take measures to prevent the movement of citizens outside their places of residence, with the exception of emergency, banned public meetings. Also introduced the mandatory use of medical masks for all leaving the place of residence of people. For violations of these measures provides for monetary fines, imprisonment of from one to three months. On the incident are closed to shopping centers and other institutions on March 15 suspended international flights.