The doctor told me, when the pain in my chest tells about cancer

If any part of the body there pain, is attentive to him and not to ignore signals of the body, said the TV channel "Russia 1" obstetrician-gynecologist Catherine Zhumanova.

She explained that the pain in the breast can occur for different reasons. One of them is incorrectly matched linen.

In addition, the Breasts can hurt because of the mastitis — benign tumors in the breast, in some cases, associated with various hormonal changes.

If the pain is accompanied by fever in certain parts of the breast, swelling, redness, it is important to immediately consult a doctor. These symptoms can speak about women thrombophlebitis of subcutaneous veins of the breast.

The doctor added that the pain may signal about the cyst.

"This disease often accompanies fibrocystic breast disease," said Zhumanova, adding that in this case it is necessary to do a biopsy.

Cancer breast pain is rarely the first symptom. However, if the patient is not regularly palpated mammary glands, the tumor is large and disrupts the venous outflow, may provide pain syndrome.

"It's usually in advanced cases," — said the chief doctor of the clinical hospital of the GROUP Tatiana Shapovalenko.

Symptoms of cancer can also be a discharge from the nipple, change the skin on the chest and its color and also swelling.