Artificial intelligence has created a new Nirvana song

. A YouTube user has created using artificial intelligence a new Nirvana song, according to NME.

User under the name Funk Turkey explained that uploaded bot lyrics, so he created a new composition in the style of Nirvana. The result is a Smother track.

"Music and all the vocals I played, recorded and mixed himself in his kitchen on a brilliant red cheap Stratocaster with a very bad microphone and an old copy of the program ProTools," reads the description of the video.

To record the drums he used a computer shock "Superior Drummer 2", for which he apologized in advance before the team member Dave Grohl: "I know that he hates digital drums, but it's the best I've had... I'm Sorry, Dave."

He also shared that earlier in a similar way created the songs of AC/DC, Metallica and Nickelback.