Trump said that remote voting puts election at risk

The US President Donald trump said that remote voting puts election at risk.

Many US States adopt laws and are preparing for a possible vote by mail election in November, when Trump will be re-elected for a second term. The reason of remote voting is called the epidemic of the coronavirus. In some States, such as Washington, voting by mail has become the main or even the only form of voting. Trump remote voting trusts, believing that it may be susceptible to fraud.

In an interview with Politico on Friday, trump said that his campaign headquarters are numerous courts in order to restrict absentee voting.

The US President asked whether it will be questioning the result of the election if the ballot came in the mail, there will be a lot. The journalist also said, will trump the results no matter what they will be.

"The second question to answer is not possible, isn't it? Hillary (Clinton) always said that he would take (the results) and they never took. You know, she also lost, and well lost," said trump.

In a Fox News interview this week, trump announced that if re-elected, he will not try to hold on to power and will "something else". At the same time trump has sharply criticized his opponent, Democrat Joe Biden, who suggested that trump's White house will be able to withdraw only the military.

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