"We need blood": why the U.S. arming the Ukrainian army

Weapons, military equipment, equipment and ammunition — the Pentagon continues to equip, Shoe and clothe the Ukrainian army. The state Department approved the sale of 16 patrol boats on a record amount of $ 600 million. The U.S. Embassy in the Ukrainian capital announced the delivery of anti-tank missile systems Javelin, radios and other military equipment for 60 million. About how and why Washington is arming Kiev — in the material RIA Novosti.

Just with 2014, the United States spent on strengthening the Ukrainian defense almost half a billion dollars. Only this year has allocated 300 million, and 100 on lethal weapons. However, for 16 patrol boats Mark VI Kiev will have to pay.

While this is the biggest deal in the defense sector between Ukraine and the USA. Unlike the two battered patrol ships of the Island transferred by Washington to Kiev earlier boats Mark VI is fairly modern. The U.S. Navy took them into service in 2016.

These small vessels with a displacement of 72 tons armed with two remote-controlled 30-mm guns МК44 and are intended to patrol rivers and coastal marine waters. With a 16 "Pennants" Ukraine will receive a 20 opto-electronic and infrared radar, 16 sets of system of identification "friend or foe", ammunition, and other hardware.

"It will strengthen the ability of Ukraine to counter existing and future threats — said in an official statement of the state Department. — Ukraine will use the court to strengthen the protection of territorial waters and its interests in the sea. Difficulties with the integration of weapons will not occur".

Unofficially, American diplomats expressed frankly. The portal DefenseNews quoted the U.S. state Department that these boats may be useful to Kiev in the fighting in the Donbass, and also to protect against "attack Russia from the sea". However, neither 16 nor 100 patrol sides in combat capabilities and do not stand next to the black sea fleet.

The party of anti-tank missile systems Javelin at $ 60 million — for the second. In 2018, the Pentagon has sent to Ukraine 35 ATGM FGM-148 and 210 missiles to them. Kiev begged "Javelin" Washington at the outset of the war in the Donbas, suggesting that these complexes are able to bring a decisive victory. However, up front they never got.

The Deputy Minister on "issues temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine" Georgy Tuka then said that Washington set the condition not to use these systems directly on the contact line of the conflicting parties. However, Russia is convinced that the new military supplies can aggravate the situation in the South-East of the country.

"According to the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, 16 June, the American authorities gave APU a regular military cargo, including walkie-talkies, ammunition and warheads to the missile complexes in the amount of $ 60 million — said Russia's permanent representative to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich. — In the implementation of the previous supply of us military cargo in may this year was not hidden that he will be sent to Eastern Ukraine for military operations".

The Ambassador stressed that the OSCE mission continues to see dozens of Ukrainian armored vehicles, tanks and weapons at train stations near the line of contact in the Donetsk region. He accused the United States, Canada, the UK and some EU countries in the actual incitement of Kiev to active hostilities. Lukashevich recalled that recently, the Ministry of defense of Canada announced the dispatch to Ukraine of 90 military instructors, who until the end of the month, should arrive in Lviv for the Ukrainian military.

In the same row, according to Russian politicians, and the recent granting Ukraine the status of a NATO partner with enhanced capabilities.

"Whatever NATO may say about this decision, the political background is obvious in the conditions, when Kiev openly sabotaging the implementation of the Minsk agreements, which the Alliance said many times — said the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. — Kiev continues the war in the Donbass, this solution simply cannot be assessed otherwise than as a deliberate promotion of such destructive policy of the Ukrainian authorities".

However, Americans are not the first to pour gasoline on the fire of the Ukrainian civil war.

So, in 2014, Washington gave Kiev some two thousand bullet-proof vests, 20 stations counter-battery AN/TPQ-48A, 35 armored HMMWV and a field hospital. In 2015 — 130 "hammer", as well as five high-speed boats. In 2016 — 14 radar counterbattery, 2,25 thousands of night vision devices AN/PVS 14, five armored HMMWV in the medical evacuation version, 24 sets of light UAV RQ-11B Raven. In 2017 — 40 "hammer" and about 700 radio stations of various types.

In 2018, in addition to the "Javelin", APU has received 2,5 thousand night vision devices AN/PVS 14, a batch of detectors, 15 medevac humvees and three contrayerva struggle CILASSLD-500. In the past year — 30 SUV HMMWV, two radar counter-battery AN/TPA-36, and medical equipment to nine million dollars.

It should be noted that not all projects of US military assistance to Ukraine known to the General public. Something probably classified. In particular, the media have repeatedly reported about the intentions of Kiev to purchase the Patriot air defense system, but the Pentagon refuses to do so because of fears for the safety of anti-aircraft complexes.