Aksyonov has offered Kiev to accept Russian status of Crimea

The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov suggested that the Ukrainian authorities to agree with the Russian status of the Peninsula and to remove the subject from discussion.

"For a long time admittedly, and for them it would be best to accept the fact that Crimea is Russian forever. This was done by the decision of the Crimean people and the President of the Russian Federation and, accordingly, with the support of all citizens of Russia. So there is nothing they (the Ukrainian authorities) does not Shine. The sooner they remove this topic from the discussion, the better for everyone," said Aksenov in an interview to TV channel "Russia 24".

According to him, Crimeans do not pay attention to the activities of the Ukrainian authorities.

"Ukrainian politicians have no real cases in the Luggage, so they can before their population to show the results of their work, so they are all PR on some fantastic unrealistic promises. Tell that Crimea will return or something else. It's all crazy. Absolute fake and a clown, to simulate activity in front of his people. Crimea no one ever returns. Crimea is Russian forever, and no one forces is not enough Just recommend everybody not to listen and not to pay any attention to them, for their statements. No power and value they have neither the strength nor the opportunities to perform, for that they have no political will," said Aksenov.