Egyptian expert estimated Putin's article about the Second world war

Reaction to the article of the Russian President about the Second world war will ensue not only from the American public due to the well selected and time magazine and Vladimir Putin expressed ideas on the difficulties in the work of the UN must be discussed at the highest level, said RIA Novosti Professor of political science at Cairo University and the American University of Cairo Tarek Fahmy.

The website of the Kremlin and "Russian newspaper" published an article on Friday, the Russian President called "75 years of Victory: a shared responsibility before history and the future". The article was also published in the American journal the National Interest. Putin in the article in particular, called irresponsible calls to abolish the right of veto of the permanent members of the UN security Council. The Russian leader also wrote that the UN system is experiencing some difficulties in the work and not as effective, but performs its main functions - the prevention of wars and global conflicts.

"I believe that the article is important and reflects the position of Russia in the international system," - said the expert.

Fahmy recalled that the President of the United States Donald trump has made the decision to withdraw Washington from a number of international organizations, including UNESCO, and the UN believes something like the US state Department under him. "This is a demonstration of the fact that Washington does not want to develop a system of international cooperation. Putin expressed ideas are important because the article published in the American source, the reaction to it will follow from various segments of public opinion. Time to publish selected very true, the response will be not only the American public but also around the world," - said the expert.

According to experts, the main problem of the UN in its very basis: the world order established after the Second world war, much changed by now, besides the impact associated with coronavirus crisis that threatens the world.

"In such circumstances, we need to seek new international cooperation framework," said Fahmi. Someone even suggests that a "new UN", the expert said.

"I think the UN needs to reconsider its position, motion vectors and structure," said Fahmi.

In his opinion, the organization expresses the desire of "big powers" and not of small States.

"This call is coming from Russia, it is important to listen to him, must be followed by a reaction primarily from the permanent members of the UN security Council, as on them the duty of maintaining peace and stability," - said the expert.

In his opinion, proof that the UN itself recognizes the ineffectiveness of its actions in a number of areas, is the lack of regular meetings in the last few weeks, especially in light of the coronavirus.

"The UN has failed to respond to a number of serious global crises, although its special envoy and are present in different regions. Its role is not visible in the Libyan crisis, the Yemen, it does not interfere in the conflict North Korea and South Korea, the agreement on Iran's nuclear program also achieved without the UN, and the latest example is the conflict on the border of India and China, where she also showed himself," says Fahmy.

"The first step that is needed is a serious international discussion of the appeal of the Russian President, this is an important appeal as it comes from the major powers, is able to fulfil their role and to inject new life into this stagnant water," said Fahmi.

He noted that his role is also expected to play China and other permanent members of the UN security Council.