Flight attendants told what not to do on the plane

The crew has shared tips and advice, and why you should not do on the plane, reports the Express.

So, according to employees of airlines, it is impossible to remove shoes. It is not only that it can be frustrating to others, shoes is important during an emergency situation in the plane.

“During the emergency, all sorts of debris and unpleasant surface will be blocking your path outside of the aircraft," says a former flight attendant Tony Moon. — If the legs are not properly covered, can be difficult to get to a safe place."

In addition, another flight attendant shared information about the floors of the aircraft are rarely cleaned.

The flight attendant added that the toilets are among the dirtiest places.

"You can observe the rules of hygiene in the airplane bathroom using disinfectant for the hands after touching the flush button, door handle and leaving the shoes on his feet," she said.

It also appeared that a lot of bacteria on the trays, which carry the food. Flight attendants are advised not to put food directly on them and wipe with an antibacterial cloth.