The Austrian expert estimated Putin's article about the Second world war

The article of President of Russia Vladimir Putin about the events of the Second world war was just another way of extending a hand to the West, primarily the United States, said on Friday, RIA Novosti the scientific coordinator of the Center for Eurasian studies, University of Vienna, scientific Director of the Institute for security policy, Alexander Dubovy.

According to him, the article is written in accordance with modern Russian historiography, its difference from the West is obvious, and it causes a certain amount of rejection and criticism in the Western community. But, according to experts, the essence of the article is not a history, so to criticize it for historical details is not necessary.

"Rather harshly written, all arranged on shelves, clearly illustrates how Russia sees the story. But the article, of course, political history is important here as a starter. In fact, this article is about the present and about the future, primarily about the interests of Russia", - said Dubovi.

The analyst added that the article is aimed not at the Victory parade and not on the internal reader, namely the West, primarily in the United States.

"Here there are a few things. Russia still presumes or hopes, or puts on the re-election of (U.S. President) Donald trump. Also (traced) the idea or desire exclusive equality with the United States, and some faint hope of a "Grand bargain" with Washington after re-election trump", - says the analyst.

The article makes it clear that if we talk about the Western world, Moscow is prepared to accept as an equal partner in the US and from a European point of view, it is worth considering, says Dubovi.

"This is another attempt of extending a hand to the West, primarily the United States to resolve some joint urgent problems. About US - this, of course, and negotiations on disarmament, the preservation of international contracts" - the analyst believes.

The article "75 years of Victory: a shared responsibility before history and future" on Thursday was published in English, and on Friday she was released on the Kremlin website and in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" in Russian. Putin in the article not only cited numerous historical facts, but also shared memories of his family about the war, and part of the article was devoted to the lessons of the war and international cooperation.