In the US, the fishermen found in the river message in a bottle

Alaska fishermen found in the river message in a bottle, reports UPI.

Pet of Bresler son James fished on the river Susitna river. The boy noticed in the water bottle. "I thought it was garbage, but it was not so," he said.

In the bottle was a message from two girl – Amy and Angela. They noted that friends and talked about their Hobbies.

Pet of Brasler said he was surprised when I read that girls threw a bottle at September 7, 2007 during a camping near the town of Houston located in Alaska. This means that the message for 13 years, covered about 50 miles, or 80 kilometers.

"I hope the girls all right, and that they will be happy to know that after many years their message was found," said Brasler.

Rybak said that the note had a phone number but when he tried to call, I saw a message that the number is not in service.