It turned out the conditions in which tourists are willing to sit quarantined in a hotel

Service travel find out from customers if they are willing to spend a holiday in a hotel, even the chic, but without the right to leave its territory, according to tutu.ru.

In the study of the social networks involved 2 700 thousand people.

64 percent of them agree to spend a holiday without leaving the hotel. Almost a quarter (23 per cent) admitted that I would like though sometimes to go at sea and see the sights. More than 40 percent of respondents was more categorical: such leave is not necessary, better to go with a tent in the woods or in the village.

The others agree to spend a holiday in a hotel, but with different clauses. A quarter are willing to exchange freedom of movement, if a property has large grounds and a swimming pool. Four percent — if the all-inclusive with unlimited alcohol