The butchers told me how dangerous a headache

Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov, said that in some cases with headache should seek medical help.

"What a headache is dangerous? Strong, from which you Wake up in the night, one that is accompanied by changes in neurological symptoms," he said on the channel "Russia-1".

He explained that one should get alert if the attacks are vision problems, can sagging nasolabial folds, numb limbs, and also if the pain is aggravated by changing body position or when you cough. According to doctors, this situation may indicate increased intracranial pressure as a result of tumor, hemorrhage, or separation of the aneurysm.

Myasnikov noted that, in other cases to worry about a headache not need to, because to some extent it appears at all, and can be a result of fatigue, improper position of the head, lack of sleep.