The British were opposed to lady Diana played an American

. The decision of Chilean Director Pablo Larrain to invite to the role of Princess Diana in the movie "Spencer's" American actress Kristen Stewart received criticism from users on Twitter, reports Daily Mail.

The British resented the fact that lady Diana will play the actress is not from the UK.

"A British actress would fit better for this role", "they don't even look like", "this is the wrong decision for many reasons," wrote netizens.

Pablo Larraín explained his choice this way: "Kristen is one of the greatest modern Actresses. She has so much to be mysterious, tender and strong, and we just need it".

The Director also added that he really liked the reaction of the actress on the script: "I'm sure she'll do something awesome and intriguing".

The opinions of experts and insiders are divided, writes Fox News.

"If she can repeat the mannerisms of Princess Diana and her voice is breathy, it doesn't matter where she was born," said Leslie Carroll, author of "Diana and Charles: Royal Affairs and Notorious Royal Marriages"( "Diana and Charles Royal Affairs and the famous Royal marriages").

"Though she is a great actress, British viewers probably will not like her accent," — said Tom Quinn, who wrote "the Kensington Palace: An Intimate Memoir from the Queen Mary to Meghan Markle" ("Kensington Palace. Intimate memoirs from the Queen Mary to Meghan Markle").