Couple from UK travels around Europe in caravan

The UK since may last year romp through Europe in a caravan, according to Lonely Planet.

Travel in the camper and still allows to comply with the measures of social distancing and isolation, found a British couple Josh and Harriet. However, they went to meet the adventure back in may of last year.

"We understood that life should be something more than daily work, we wanted to see new places and feel comfortable," said Harriet. Tourists bought a van, converted it.

Three months later they changed the car for a new one, called it "Monty" and continued to travel around Europe. Josh and Harriet saw Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Italy. Norway, Sweden and Denmark — the list of future trips. They rest together with his dog named Hudson.

"The journey is the best thing we ever did," says Josh.