Poland's Prime Minister looks forward to the adoption of a new "Marshall plan"

The Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki hoped that this summer the EU will adopt a new "Marshall plan".

"We all want to return to a normal state of Affairs. The EU needs a quick and strong reaction. We can't waste time on long negotiations. For me it is important the rapid establishment of the European recovery Fund," said Morawiecki reporters after the online summit of heads of EU governments.

"From the very beginning of the crisis suggested that Europe has agreed on an ambitious budget, an ambitious recovery plan, which I call a modern Marshall plan. Such a plan is already on the horizon and is already relatively close. I think, in July or August have a great chance to complete the negotiations", - said the Polish Prime Minister.

"The Marshall plan" - measures to help economic recovery and industrial modernization of Western Europe after world war II, proposed by U.S. Secretary of state George Marshall.